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Standard Japanese Room with Town View

Authentic Ryokan experience with Stellar view of Arima.

With 55 years of Omotenashi service at hand, Taketoritei Maruyama is constantly striving to perfect the authentic Ryokan experience. Our Maruyama Japanese tatami rooms stood the test of time, and here to impart the rich history of Arima to our guests.
Floor Layout Ten (10) size Tatami
Floor 3rd floor
Space Each room offers 36m² of ryokan experience
Capacity up to 2 - 5 guests
Bed type Japanese Futon only
Facility -Room facilities- Toilet with Washlet (Wash-toilet system) / Refrigerator/ free WiFi / Blu-ray player -Amenities- Taketoritei toiletries/ Towels/ Japanese clothes (Yukata)